Anesthetic Analgesia APIs

Anesthetics are a class of strong analgesics that have strong analgesic properties without antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties and are often used to numb specific areas of the body during medical procedures or surgery. This type of compound mainly acts on the central nervous system, including morphine and morphine-like drugs, esters such as procaine and benzocaine, and amides such as lidocaine and bupivacaine. Its function is to selectively inhibit pain sensation, which weakens the perception and reaction of pain and increases the pain threshold but does not affect other senses (touch, light, and hearing). In addition to their analgesic properties, these drugs are prone to addiction and should be strictly controlled.

Protheragen-ING offers a variety of anesthetic analgesia APIs to support customer research worldwide.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API108341180 Noradrenaline Bitartrate 108341-18-0 View Details APIs
API132112357 Ropivacaine HCl 132112-35-7 View Details APIs
API136470 Tetracaine hydrochloride 136-47-0 View Details APIs
API1374248777 Ubrogepant 1374248-77-7 View Details APIs
API1786818 Prilocaine HCl 1786-81-8 View Details APIs
API23964570 Articaine HCl 23964-57-0 View Details APIs
API2649467581 Suzetrigine 2649467-58-1 View Details APIs
API26675467 lsoflurane 26675-46-7 View Details APIs
API28523866 Sevofurane 28523-86-6 View Details APIs
API38396393 Bupivacaina (base) 38396-39-3 View Details APIs
API3858897 Chloroprocaine Hydrochloride 3858-89-7 View Details APIs
API51309 Isoprenaline HCl 51-30-9 View Details APIs
API55312 Adrenaline HCl 55-31-2 View Details APIs
API58151 Aminopyrine 58-15-1 View Details APIs
API5907380-1 Metamizole Sodium(Analgin) 5907-38-0 View Details APIs
API5907380-2 Metamizole Sodium(Analgin) Direct Compacted 90 5907-38-0 View Details
API5908996 Atropine Sulfate 5908-99-6 View Details APIs
API5984952 Isoproterenol HCl 5984-95-2 View Details APIs
API60800 Antipyrine 60-80-0 View Details APIs
API6108050 Lidocaine HCl 6108-05-0 View Details APIs


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  • The use of the products covered in this article may not be permitted under the relevant pharmaceutical regulations in some jurisdictions. Therefore, please check the relevant regulations in your jurisdiction first to determine whether you have the right to use these products.
  • Protheragen-ING's basic premise for providing you with the products described herein is that you are solely responsible for ensuring your strict compliance with all applicable laws.

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