Anticoagulant & Antiplatelet APIs

Whether blood coagulates in the body depends on the functions of blood vessels, platelets, and the coagulation system, and it is a complex chain reaction of proteolytic activation with the participation of various coagulation factors. Anticoagulant APIs exert anticoagulant effects by interfering with different aspects of the coagulation process or inhibiting a certain coagulation factor. Commonly used anticoagulant APIs include heparin and vitamin K antagonists warfarin, dicoumarol, etc. Antiplatelet APIs can inhibit the function of platelets to inhibit platelet thrombosis. Commonly used antiplatelet APIs include aspirin, persantin, sulfinpyrazone, dextran, prostacyction, and ticlopidine.

Protheragen-ING provides a full range of anticoagulant & antiplatelet APIs to support the research of global customers.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API1229194119 Edoxaban Tosylate 1229194-11-9 View Details APIs
API141396283 Argatroban monohydrate 141396-28-3 View Details APIs
API189224268 Ozagrel Sodium 189224-26-8 View Details APIs
API211915069 Dabigatran Etexilate 211915-06-9 View Details APIs
API366789028 Rivaroxaban 366789-02-8 View Details APIs
API37270896-1 Heparin Calcium 37270-89-6 View Details APIs
API37270896-2 Nadroparin Calcium 37270-89-6 View Details
API480449705 Edoxaban 480449-70-5 View Details APIs
API480449716 Edoxaban Tosylate 480449-71-6 View Details APIs
API63610082 Indobufen 63610-08-2 View Details APIs
API679809586 Enoxaparin Sodium 679809-58-6 View Details APIs
API7085554 Troxerutin(Oral/Injection) 7085-55-4 View Details APIs
API745653 Alprostadil (ProstaglandinE1) 745-65-3 View Details APIs
API872728819 Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate 872728-81-9 View Details APIs
API9005496 Dalteparin Sodium 9005-49-6 View Details
API9041081 Heparin Sodium 9041-08-1 View Details APIs
API904181 Enoxaparin Sodium 9041-08-1 View Details APIs
API9045221 Heparin Lithium 9045-22-1 View Details APIs
API9067327 Sodium Hyaluronate 9067-32-7 View Details


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