Human Skin Patch Test

Cosmetics are in direct contact with human body surfaces during use. If there is a problem with the product, it may cause serious consequences including allergic contact dermatitis. Therefore, cosmetics must undergo multiple tests before being put on the market to ensure their safety during use.

Protheragen-ING offers human skin patch testing services tailored specifically for cosmetics. This non-invasive procedure helps customers identify and evaluate the various allergic reactions, sensitivities, and irritations that may occur when cosmetic substances come into contact with the skin.

Learn About Human Skin Patch Test

Patch testing is one of the methods for evaluating the human safety of cosmetics. Its purpose is to detect the potential of adverse reactions on human skin caused by the test substance.

When human skin is allergic to an allergen, if the same allergen or a substance with a similar chemical structure and the same antigenicity comes into contact with any part of the body surface, skin inflammation will soon appear at the contact site.

Human skin patch testing artificially configures suspected allergens to a certain concentration, places them in a special chamber and applies them to the covered parts of the human body. After a certain period of time, based on whether there is a positive reaction, it is determined whether the test substance is allergenic.

Human Skin Patch Test.

Our patch testing services are performed after completing physical, chemical, microbiological and toxicological tests. IIf the toxicology test results show that the product is irritating, patch testing will no longer be performed.

Our Testing Services

The patch testing procedure typically includes the following steps:

Human Skinallergic Contact Dermatitis.

Protheragen-ING is committed to providing accurate and reliable results to help customers make informed decisions about cosmetics and skin care products. Contact us today to schedule your patch test. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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