Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory (NSAID) APIs

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are an important class of anti-inflammatory APIs and are widely used to treat various inflammatory diseases, including but not limited to arthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, toothache, menstrual pain, and headaches. These APIs typically have analgesic (pain relief), anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic (fever reduction) properties. NSAIDs work by inhibiting the production of certain enzymes called cyclooxygenases (COX), which play a critical role in the synthesis of prostaglandins (substances that cause pain, inflammation, and fever).

Protheragen-ING offers a full range of NSAID APIs to support your research.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API169590425 Celecoxib 169590-42-5 View Details APIs
API202409334 Etoricoxib 202409-33-4 View Details APIs
API36322904 Piroxicam 36322-90-4 View Details APIs
API38194502 Sulindac 38194-50-2 View Details APIs
API395683144 Imrecoxib 395683-14-4 View Details APIs
API41340254 Etodolie acid 41340-25-4 View Details APIs
API5104494 Flurbiprofen 5104-49-4 View Details APIs
API52549174 Pranoprofen 52549-17-4 View Details APIs
API906673243 Crisaborole 906673-24-3 View Details APIs


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