Light Stability Test

Understanding of Light Stability Test

Light can trigger chemical reactions within substances, leading to the formation of new compounds or degradation of the original product.

Light stability, also known as photostability, is a critical parameter in pharmaceutical and product development. It access how a substance reacts when exposed to various forms of light, such as visible and ultraviolet light. The maintenance of well-light stability plays an important role in ensuring product quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Several classes of drugs that are unstable to light.Fig.1 Several classes of drugs that are unstable to light.

The Importance of Light Stability

Service Process

Initial Consultation and Test Planning

We begin the process by collaborating with our clients to understand their specific product and testing requirements. During this consultation, we discuss the parameters of the test, the unique characteristics of product, and the desired outcomes. This crucial phase helps us tailor the testing plan to specific needs.

Testing Setup

Photostability testing involves placing a pharmaceutical product in a suitable lighting device and exposing it to specific lighting conditions for a predefined duration. Throughout this period, multiple samples are systematically collected and analyzed, with a focus on not only noticeable changes in the product's appearance but also ingredient changes.

Data Collection and Analysis

Our experienced team meticulously collects data at regular intervals throughout the testing process. We use a range of analytical techniques to monitor the product's behavior under different lighting conditions.

This comprehensive data analysis allows us to evaluate the extent and rate of drug degradation under light conditions and identify any changes in the type and amount of degradation products.

Report Generation

Once the testing is complete, we compile a detailed report that contains the results of the light stability test. The report includes key information about the extent and rate of product degradation under varying lighting conditions, including appearance performance and analysis data.

Protheragen-ING is committed to providing precise and efficient light stability testing services. If you have further inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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