Otr & Wvtr Test

Understanding of Otr & Wvtr

Otr, which stands for oxygen transmission rate, quantifies the amount of oxygen that passes through a substance within a specific timeframe. Wvtr stands for water vapour transmission rate, it is also known as MVTR (moisture vapour transmission rate).

These measurements are particularly vital in industries dealing with air- and moisture-sensitive products, such as food and medicine. Uncontrolled ingress of oxygen and water vapour can lead to issues like oxidation, spoilage, and product failure.

Applications of Otr & Wvtr Testing

Otr testing is crucial for food packaging, maintaining the freshness and quality of products such as potato chips and cereals. It ensures that the packaging effectively blocks oxygen ingress to prevent staleness and loss of product crispness.

Food products such as coffee, powdered drink mixes, and dried fruits are also susceptible to moisture absorption. Wvtr testing is vital for preserving the integrity and extending the shelf life of these items.

The food and beverage industry relies heavily on Otr and Wvtr testing to guarantee that their products reach consumers in optimal condition.

Both Otr and Wvtr testing are indispensable for pharmaceutical packaging.

Otr testing ensures precise control of oxygen permeation to maintain the stability of medication. Oxygen exposure can degrade active ingredients, making drugs ineffective.

Wvtr testing prevents moisture vapour transmission, which can lead to medication degradation and potential harm to patients.

Otr and Wvtr Test

Services at Protheragen-ING

Demand Analysis

Our experts begin by conducting a detailed demand analysis. This involves understanding the nature of the sample material, its type, and the specific usage scenario. Based on this analysis, they select the most suitable testing approach. Different materials may require different methodologies to ensure accurate results.

Sample Preparation

To guarantee the accuracy of our tests, sample preparation is a crucial step. Our team meticulously shapes or cuts the sample to ensure uniformity. This is especially important when dealing with materials of varying thickness and composition. Proper sample preparation is key to obtaining reliable data.

Take Measurements.

We offer several testing methodologies, including the Dynamic Accumulation Method (F3136, which established by American Society for Testing and Materials) and coulometric sensor method (ASTM D3985) for Otr, as well as gravimetric techniques for Wvtr. The choice of methodology depends on the specific material and its intended use.

For instance, dynamic accumulation method is ideal for materials where oxygen concentration is a critical factor, while coulometric sensor method is suited for others where oxygen migration is the key parameter.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is used to take precise measurements of Otr and Wvtr. This equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure data accuracy. We conduct multiple measurements to obtain reliable results.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Following the measurements, our experts meticulously analyse the data. Clients will receive comprehensive reports containing measurement values and pertinent findings.

These reports are vital in evaluating whether the measured data aligns with the product's storage requirements. The in-depth analysis enables clients to make informed decisions regarding product quality and shelf life.

If you need to assess material performance but are unsure about the process, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Protheragen-ING is here to assist in guaranteeing the quality and shelf life of your products through precise OTR and WVTR testing.


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