Polymer-in-situ Forming Implant Systems Development Services

Protheragen-ING specializes in the development of innovative medical implant solutions through cutting-edge technology for in-situ forming implants (ISFIs). We offer advanced polymer in-situ forming implant system development services for the medical industry. Through our team of professionals, innovative technologies, and high-quality raw materials, we are able to meet the needs of our customers and provide individualized, safe, and reliable in-situ molded implant solutions for patients.

Introduction to ISFI

ISFI represents a simple, adjustable, and biodegradable polymer-based continuous drug delivery platform composed of biocompatible, water-miscible solvents and biodegradable polymers. It is an ideal drug delivery system for a variety of applications, especially for those that require frequent dosing regimens, as they are simple to manufacture, stable at room temperature for months, easy to administer, and can be removed to terminate therapy when needed.

Fig.1 Schematic of ISFI formation and degradation.Fig. 1 Schematic of ISFI formation and degradation. (Joiner J.B, et al. 2022)

Comprehensive ISFI Polymer System Development Services

Our full range of ISFI polymer system development services involves the design, development, and manufacture of implantable drug delivery systems based on polymer materials that form solid or gel-like implants in situ (at the implantation site) after drug administration. These systems can be used to provide controlled and sustained release of therapeutic agents over an extended period.

Specific services include, but are not limited to:

In-situ Forming Polymer Formulations

In-situ forming polymer formulations are in the form of a sol prior to administration in the body, but once administered, gelation occurs in situ to form a gel. Gel formation is dependent on factors such as temperature regulation, pH changes, presence of ions, and UV irradiation, and the drug is released in a sustained and controlled manner.

The following materials are commonly used in our in situ gel formulations:

Fig.2 Overview of the in situ hydrogel formation through biologically benign processes.Fig. 1 Overview of the in situ hydrogel formation through biologically benign processes. (Ko D.Y, et al. 2013)

We will evaluate and characterize the in situ gel system by the following parameters:

Advantages of Protheragen-ING

We have developed polymers that offer the following benefits:

If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to working with you to promote the development and advancement of the medical field.


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