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Protheragen-ING is dedicated to the meticulous assessment of methanol levels within cosmetics. Its primary goal is to guarantee the safety and excellence of cosmetic products. This ensures consumer protection by averting potential health risks and assuring compliance with regulatory requirements across various countries and regions.

In today's vast cosmetic market, a wide range of products, from everyday skincare essentials like lotions and toners to cosmetic staples such as foundations and eyeliners, commonly contain alcohol as a solvent.

This extends to both classic fragrances such as perfumes and modern hairstyling products such as hair gel and mousse. It should be noted that if manufacturers employ substandard alcohol as a raw material, the risk of contamination with methanol becomes a concern.

Methanol - A Hidden Hazard

Methanol, a toxic substance, has detrimental effects on the human nervous and circulatory systems. Ingestion of methanol through the digestive or respiratory tract, or even skin contact, can trigger severe toxic reactions.

Exposure to methanol vapor can damage the respiratory mucosa and impair vision. Symptoms of acute methanol poisoning range from headaches, nausea, and stomach pain to fatigue, blurred vision, and, in severe cases, irreversible blindness. These symptoms may progress to breathing difficulties, potentially leading to respiratory center paralysis, a life-threatening condition.

Methanol Test

Technologies for Methanol Test

Services Process

Initial Consultation and Project Planning

We begin with communication with clients about the samples, including their physical state (solid or liquid). Based on this evaluation, we craft a tailored project plan.This plan encompasses the selection of appropriate testing methods and sample pretreatment techniques specific to the sample type, ensuring precision in the analysis process.

Pretreatment of Samples

Prior to analysis, our expert team meticulously prepares the cosmetic samples. This involves the precise pretreatment of the samples, ensuring that they are in optimal condition for subsequent analysis.


We employ specialized equipment and techniques, such as gas chromatography, to detect and quantify methanol levels. Our methods are adapted to the unique characteristics of each cosmetic product.

Data Interpretation and Report Submission

After the analysis is completed, our team interprets the data obtained.

Follow-up Support

Our services extend beyond the submission of reports. We are committed to providing clients with ongoing support to ensure that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

The Cosmetic Methanol Test Service plays a pivotal role in safeguarding consumer health and compliance with regulatory standards. For further inquiries or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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