Veterinary Products

Veterinary Products

This category encompasses a diverse range of chemical products for the pharmaceutical use. Our product range includes APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), excipients, and nutritional supplements, providing a comprehensive solution for various veterinary research needs. These chemicals have applications in both medical research and the livestock industry.

Veterinary Products at Protheragen-ING

One of the cornerstones of our offering is APIs. These Veterinary APIs serve as the fundamental building blocks of animal medications, constituting the primary active ingredients in pharmaceutical formulations. Veterinary APIs are instrumental in addressing a wide spectrum of health issues affecting animals, ranging from common pet ailments to those pertinent to the livestock industry. Our commitment to excellence in this category ensures that these medications are not only effective but also safe and reliable.

Excipients, another vital component of our product range, are indispensable in pharmaceutical formulations. Unlike active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which provide the therapeutic benefit of the drug, excipients serve as inactive ingredients but have several essential functions in a pharmaceutical product. They contribute significantly to the stability, palatability, and overall effectiveness of medications. By carefully selecting and incorporating the right excipients, we facilitate the achievement of desired therapeutic results.

Our product range also features nutritional supplements designed to meet the dietary requirements of animals. These supplements are designed to promote growth, maintain optimal health, and prevent nutrient deficiencies across various animal categories. Whether it is supporting the growth of young livestock or ensuring that pets receive essential nutrients, nutritional products play an important role in delivering the necessary dietary support. Our veterinary nutritional supplements include the following categories:

Vet Feed-Vitamin
Vet Feed-Amino Acids
Vet Feed-Minerals

Why Choose Protheragen-ING?

Quality assurance is at the core of our operations. Each batch of our products is rigorously tested and analysis, and we provide independent quality reports for each product. We understand that some products may need to be stored in warehouses for certain durations before they are delivered to the customer. In such cases, we implement a systematic re-testing process to ensure that these products maintain their quality and safety standards.

At Protheragen-ING, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and diverse range of quality-assured products for the field of veterinary medicine. If you are searching for a specific product that may not be listed in our catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you with additional information and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

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