Packaging & Equipment

Our Packaging & Equipment products bridge the gap between the transformation of raw materials into market-ready products, offering comprehensive solutions across various industries. We delve into two key types of products within this category: Packaging and membrane.


Pharmaceutical Packaging

Our Packaging category encompasses an array of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Whether in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, or other sectors, our comprehensive range of products and equipment has you covered:

Pharmaceutical Packaging
Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring product integrity, safety, and compliance with stringent regulatory standards in the pharmaceutical world. Our pharmaceutical packaging solutions are designed to meet these high demands, providing secure and reliable containment.

Cosmetics Packaging
Aesthetic appeal and functionality are important in the cosmetics industry. Our cosmetics packaging options combine elegant style with practicality, ensuring that cosmetic products are not only well-preserved but also beautifully presented to customers.

Food Packaging
Food safety and shelf life are critical concerns in the food industry. Our food packaging products are designed to keep contents fresh, secure, and protected, meeting the rigorous requirements of the food supply chain.


Membrane technology is a versatile product with applications including water purification, gas separation, drug delivery, as well as the study of chemical reactions that occur at membrane surfaces.

Environmental conservation benefits significantly from membrane-based water purification processes, ensuring access to clean and safe water sources. In industrial production, membrane systems enable the precise separation of gases, enhancing production efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Moreover, pharmaceutical research uses membrane technology for the controlled and targeted delivery of drugs, improving therapeutic outcomes. Beyond these applications, researchers employ membranes to investigate the intricate chemical reactions occurring at membrane surfaces, advancing our understanding of fundamental science.

Protheragen-ING takes pride in delivering products that consistently meet and exceed industry standards. If you're seeking top-tier products and solutions with quality and innovation, contact us today we will respond promptly within 2-4 working days.



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