Antiparasitic APIs

Anti-parasitic APIs play a vital role in medicine and veterinary care by targeting and eliminating various parasites such as protozoa, helminths, and ectoparasites. According to the resistance to different types of parasites, they can be divided into anti-malarial drugs, anti-amebiasis and anti-trichomoniasis drugs, anti-kala-azar, anti-schistosomiasis, anti-filariasis, and anti-intestinal worm drugs. Protheragen-ING provides the full range of antiparasitic APIs listed above to support the research of customers worldwide.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API117704253 Doramectin 117704-25-3 View Details APIs
API118423 Hydroxychloroquine 118-42-3 View Details APIs
API1369852710 Lotilaner 1369852-71-0 View Details APIs
API1398609396 Sarolaner 1398609-39-6 View Details APIs
API16595805 Levamisole HCL 16595-80-5 View Details APIs
API2277921 Oxyclozanide 2277-92-1 View Details APIs
API27885923 Imidocarb 27885-92-3 View Details APIs
API4320303 Arginine Glutamate 4320-30-3 View Details APIs
API443481-1 Metronidazole 443-48-1 View Details APIs
API443481-2 Metronidazole Micronized 443-48-1 View Details
API54965218 Albendazole 54965-21-8 View Details APIs
API747364 Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate 747-36-4 View Details APIs


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