Preservative Test

An important aspect of cosmetic formulations is the use of preservatives to maintain product integrity and prevent microbial contamination.

Protheragen-ING specializes in providing comprehensive preservative test services for cosmetic products to help you meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety and stability of your cosmetic formulations.

Importance of Preservative Test

The majority of cosmetics are not sterile. Preservatives in cosmetic formulations play an important role in preventing microbial contamination and maintaining the integrity and stability of cosmetic products.

Protheragen-ING is aware of how critical it is to guarantee the caliber and safety of cosmetics. To guarantee reliable and repeatable test results, we employ cutting-edge apparatus and tried-and-true testing techniques. We are able to deliver findings promptly thanks to efficient laboratory procedures, enabling you to choose cosmetic goods with knowledge.

Preservative Test.

Test Range

Sample Preparation

The categories of cosmetics that Protheragen-ING can detect are as follows.

Comprehensive Test Items

Protheragen-ING offers a wide range of tests to evaluate the efficacy and stability of preservatives in cosmetics.

Protheragen-ING can perform quantitative detection of commonly used preservatives in cosmetics, such as: benzoic acid, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol; 4-hydroxybenzoic acid methyl ester, etc.

Protheragen-ING can also be evaluated for antiseptic efficacy. We inoculate the prepared target bacteria into the sample and observe the changes in the number of microorganisms at different times to determine whether the preservative has achieved the specified antiseptic and antibacterial effect.

Comprehensive Preservative Test

Why Choose Our Preservative Test Services?

Expertise and experience - Protheragen-ING consists of experienced scientists and technicians with in-depth knowledge of cosmetic formulations and preservation techniques.

Compliance with regulatory standards - Protheragen-ING's test methods and protocols comply with international standards. We can help you ensure compliance with these standards.

Accurate and timely results - We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and proven test methods to ensure accurate and repeatable results. Our efficient laboratory processes allow us to deliver timely results so you can make informed decisions about your cosmetic products.

Customized solutions - Protheragen-ING's testing services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are developing a new product or need to evaluate the preservative effect of an existing formulation, we can work with you to design a test program that meets your requirements.

Ensure the durability and quality of your cosmetics with our reliable and comprehensive corrosion testing services.

Contact Protheragen-ING today to discuss your specific requirements and get started with our expert testing solutions. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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