Microcrystal Design and Development Services

Microcrystalline dosage forms are attracting a lot of attention in the field of drug discovery and development as an innovative drug delivery system. Protheragen-ING focuses on the creation and development of microcrystalline dosage forms as cutting-edge drug delivery systems. With our expertise in pharmaceutical technology and extensive research capabilities, we offer comprehensive services to support the development and optimization of microcrystalline dosage forms. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our customers receive customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

About Microcrystal Dosage Forms

Microcrystal Dosage Forms have emerged as a promising approach for enhancing drug delivery in the field of pharmaceutical development. These unique formulations involve the conversion of drug substances into microcrystals, which are solid particles with a size range of approximately 1-100 μm.

The utilization of microcrystals offers several advantages over conventional drug forms, including increased bioavailability, improved solubility, enhanced stability, and controlled release properties. The tailored design of microcrystals enables precise drug targeting, reduced dosing frequency, and optimized therapeutic outcomes. At Protheragen-ING, we recognize the immense potential of microcrystals as an innovative drug delivery system, and our services are specifically designed to harness these advantages.

Fig.1 Comparison of micro-sized and nano-sized drug crystal in size and distribution in droplets. Fig. 1 Comparison of micro-sized and nano-sized drug crystal in size and distribution in droplets. (Chang T, et al. 2015)

Our Comprehensive Service Programs

By integrating innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, we are constantly exploring new strategies to optimize microcrystalline design and formulation, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest advances in drug delivery science.

Our team of experienced formulation experts works closely with our customers to develop microcrystalline formulations for their specific drug compounds. Through systematic formulation optimization, we enhance drug solubility, stability, and release kinetics to maximize therapeutic efficacy.

We employ state-of-the-art analytical techniques to thoroughly characterize microcrystalline formulations. Our state-of-the-art instrumentation allows us to evaluate key parameters such as crystal size distribution, polycrystallinity, particle morphology, drug loading, and release profiles, ensuring the reliability and consistency of our formulations.

Our process experts use their extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical technology to optimize the microcrystal manufacturing process. By fine-tuning process parameters such as solvent selection, crystallization conditions, and drying techniques, we achieve a repeatable and scalable manufacturing process for microcrystal production.

We conduct rigorous stability studies to evaluate the long-term stability and shelf life of microcrystalline formulations under various storage conditions, providing valuable insights into the robustness of formulations and supporting regulatory compliance.

We provide comprehensive in vitro and in vivo studies to evaluate the performance and bioavailability of microcrystalline dosage forms, providing valuable data on drug release kinetics, dissolution behavior, pharmacokinetics, and overall therapeutic efficacy.

Our Microcrystallization Technology

Fig.2 Production of drug nanocrystals. Fig. 2 Production of drug nanocrystals. (Srivalli KMR, et al. 2016)

Our Service Advantages

Contact us today to discuss your microcrystal design and development needs and embark on a journey of transformative drug delivery solutions.


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