Enzymosomes Development Services

Protheragen-ING specializes in providing cutting-edge enzymesomes development services that offer innovative solutions for enzyme encapsulation and delivery. Our experienced team of scientists and researchers is dedicated to helping you develop enzymesomes as an emerging novel drug delivery system for site-specific action to meet your specific needs.

Enzymosomes: An Overview

Enzymosomes are an innovative targeted vesicle drug delivery system. The enzymesome utilizes the specific properties of an enzyme to bind to a specific substrate at a controlled rate and catalyze the product production step. It directs the active form of the drug to the site of action and rapidly degrades it for absorption.

Fig.1 Structure of Enzymosomes.Fig. 1 Structure of Enzymosomes. (Kashyap K, et al. 2021)

Enzymes are encapsulated by covalent coupling to the surface of liposomes/lipid vesicles to form an enzymesome. Enzymes are linked by acylation, direct splicing, physical adsorption, and encapsulation to prepare enzyme bodies with targeted action. This novel drug delivery system demonstrates effective drug release while reducing the adverse side effects of conventional therapies, thus improving the long-term treatment of this disease.

Advantages of liposome-enzyme conjugates:

Protheragen-ING's Expertise

We have extensive knowledge in the design and formulation of enzyme bodies, allowing us to precisely control size, composition and encapsulation efficiency. We work closely with you to understand your enzyme and substrate needs, allowing us to create customized enzyme bodies that optimize enzyme stability, activity and delivery.

We use state-of-the-art encapsulation technologies to encapsulate enzymes in liposomes or other suitable carriers. Our team is well versed in a variety of encapsulation methods, including lipid membrane hydration, solvent injection, and microfluidics, to ensure effective enzyme encapsulation while maintaining enzyme integrity.

We employ a comprehensive range of analytical techniques to characterize enzymes, including size distribution analysis, zeta potential measurements, enzyme activity assays, and stability assessments. Through system optimization, we maximize the performance of the enzyme bodies to ensure enhanced enzyme activity and extended shelf life.

Our expertise extends to the development of targeted enzyme delivery systems. By integrating ligands, antibodies, or peptides onto the surface of enzymes, we can achieve specific recognition and binding to target cells or tissues, facilitating precise enzyme delivery and minimizing off-target effects.

Fig.2 Lysosome carrier protein 3d Illustration.

Our Enzymosome Technology

We use carefully designed methods that can enhance therapeutic efficacy and reduce side effects by carrying the therapeutic agent to specific tissue receptors, especially on organs or systems.

Enzymes can be confined to the surface of liposomes in two ways:

1) By coupling a functional hydrophobic compartment, such as a long-chain fatty acid, to the enzyme.

2) By binding the enzyme to phospholipids in the liposome layer.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services

Choose Protheragen-ING for reliable and innovative enzyme development services. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and learn how our expertise can accelerate your enzyme development journey.


  1. Kashyap K, et al. (2021). "Enzymosomes: Recent Emergence of Novel Delivery System for Targeted Therapeutic Applications." International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Applications, 6, 663-677.


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