Short-term Moisturizing Efficacy Test

Welcome to our short-term moisturizing efficacy testing service page! The amount of moisture in the skin directly affects its appearance. Cosmetics can, to a certain extent, hydrate the skin and slow down the loss of moisture.

Protheragen-ING's comprehensive Short-term Moisturizing Efficacy Service quantifies the short-term moisturizing efficacy of cosmetic products to accurately measure their moisturizing power.

Protheragen-ING's Testing Process

  1. Service Consultation - We begin with a consultation to understand your specific testing requirements, goals and timeline to develop a customized testing plan for your needs.
  2. Sample Preparation - You provide us with a sample of the cosmetic product to be tested as well as any required documentation or specifications. We handle the samples with the utmost care and ensure proper labeling and tracking throughout the testing process.
  3. Test Execution - We follow standardized procedures to conduct short-term moisturizing efficacy tests according to an agreed-upon test plan.
  4. Data analysis and Reporting - Once the tests are completed, we analyze the data collected during the tests. Our experts interpret the results and prepare a comprehensive report with detailed findings, statistical analysis (if applicable), and conclusions. The report will be delivered to you within the agreed timeframe.
  5. Consultation and Support - We provide post-test consultation and support to address any questions or concerns you may have about the test results.

Cosmetics with moisturizing function.

A Wide Range of Test Methods

The skin short-term moisturizing efficacy test is used to evaluate the moisturizing effect of a product for a short period of time after application. For our test, the skin on the inner arm of the subject is selected as the test area because the inner forearm skin is flatter for the test and less susceptible to interference from the outside environment.

Protheragen-ING involves a number of methods to evaluate the moisturizing properties of cosmetic products.

Skin Hydration Measurement

Skin hydration is a key parameter for assessing moisturizing efficacy. We measure the hydration level of the skin using a variety of instruments such as a keratometer or a conductivity meter.

Trans-epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) Measurement

TEWL measurements quantify the rate at which water evaporates from the skin's surface and are an important indicator of the skin's barrier function and its ability to lock in water. We typically use devices such as evaporometers or closed chamber systems to perform TEWL measurements.

Skin Barrier Function Assessment

Assessing skin barrier function provides insight into its ability to prevent water loss and retain moisture.

Techniques such as tape stripping, which involves the removal of the stratum corneum, can be used to assess barrier function before and after product use. We also use other methods such as dye penetration testing or impedance measurements.

Moisturization Study

This study involves assessing the ability of a cosmetic product to retain moisture in the skin for a defined period of time. Typically, the product is applied to the skin and skin hydration or TEWL is measured at specific time intervals to monitor moisture retention over time.

Subjective Assessment

In addition to objective measurements, subjective assessments can provide valuable insights into a user's moisturizing experience and perception.

Statistical Analysis

We perform statistical analyses using t-tests, ANOVA (analysis of variance) or regression analysis. These analyses help determine the statistical significance of any observed differences between test formulations or conditions.

Short-term Moisturizing Efficacy Test.

Ready to evaluate the short-term moisturizing efficacy of your cosmetics? Contact us today to discuss your testing requirements. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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