Cell-based Assays for Cosmetics

Want to know if the new formula will cause toxicity? Will it irritate the skin? Will it affect cellular metabolism? Is it anti-aging? Find these answers in cell-based modeling.

Welcome to our Cell-Based Assays for Cosmetics service page! Protheragen-ING offers cutting-edge cell-based assay solutions tailored to the needs of the cosmetics industry. We use advanced cell-based models to evaluate the safety, efficacy and performance of cosmetic products, and are committed to assisting our customers in developing safer, more effective and innovative cosmetic products.

About Cell-based Assay for Cosmetics

Cell-based assays have become an invaluable tool for cosmetic research and development. They allow for more predictive and cost-effective evaluation of cosmetic ingredients and formulations.

By utilizing living cells that mimic human skin, hair, or other relevant tissues, Protheragen-ING sets up cell-based tests in our laboratories that provide valuable insights into product effects, mechanisms of action, and potential adverse reactions.

Cell-based Assays for Cosmetics.

Our Testing Capabilities

Protheragen-ING has expertise in cell biology, tissue engineering and cosmetic research. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies to perform a variety of cell-based assays, including but not limited to the following.

Cytotoxicity and viability assays

Assessing the effects of cosmetic ingredients on cell viability and proliferation.

Skin irritation and sensitization assays

Assessing the potential of ingredients to cause skin irritation or sensitization reactions.

Melanogenesis assay

Measurement of the effect of an ingredient on melanogenesis to assess skin pigmentation regulation.

Sebum production assay

Determining the effect of cosmetic formulations on sebum production to assess their efficacy in managing oily skin.

Collagen synthesis assay

Investigating the ability of anti-aging ingredients to stimulate collagen synthesis.

Cellular uptake and penetration assay

Evaluating the ability of ingredients to penetrate the skin barrier and interact with target cells.

Anti-inflammatory assay

Assessing the anti-inflammatory properties of cosmetic formulations using relevant cellular models.

Schematic of melanin biosynthesisFig. 1 Schematic of melanin biosynthesis. (Singh P, et al. 2022)

Cosmetic efficacy assay

We use cell models to detect relevant indicators and evaluate the efficacy and performance of raw materials.

Items Mechanism Cell Model
Repair Skin cell adhesion activity, proliferation and migration ability Keratinocytes/dermal fibroblasts
Anti-Aging Anti-photoaging UVA-fibroblasts
Firming and anti-wrinkle Fibroblasts
Allergy relief Inhibit skin inflammation RBL-2H3 cells, LPS-macrophages
Anti-inflammatory Inhibiting the effector stage of inflammation LPS-macrophage
Remove acne Suppress harmful bacteria in the acne environment Propionibacterium acnes antibacterial model
Whitening Inhibits melanin and tyrosinase activity B16 melanoma cells
Anti-oxidation Inhibit oxidative stress damage Fibroblasts
Moisturizing Skin's natural moisturizing mechanism Keratinocytes
Oil control Inhibit oil secretion SZ95 human sebaceous gland cells

We understand that each cosmetic product has unique requirements. In addition to the above tests, we will work closely with you to develop a customized cellular assay that fits your specific needs. Whether you require specific cell types, endpoints or experimental protocols, we can design an assay that meets your research goals.

If you are interested in our cosmetic cell tests or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Protheragen-ING will be happy to discuss your requirements, provide detailed information and offer competitive prices. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


  1. Singh P, et al. (2022). "Cell-Based Model Systems for Validation of Various Efficacy-Based Claims for Cosmetic Ingredients." Cosmetics, 95, 107.


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