Antidiarrheal APIs

Antidiarrheal APIs work by reducing bowel movements or protecting the intestines from irritation. This type of compound is mainly used clinically to treat severe diarrhea or long-term chronic diarrhea. According to the mechanism of action, they can be divided into opioids, such as camphor tincture, etc., astringent protection categories, such as tannic acid protein, bismuth subcarbonate, etc., adsorbents, such as medicinal charcoal, etc., and reduce intestinal peristalsis, such as diphenoxylate, clofenamide, etc.

Protheragen-ING provides a full range of antidiarrheal APIs to support the research of global customers.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API864821909 Eluxadoline 864821-90-9 View Details APIs


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