APIs for Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease, also known as paresis shaking, is a movement disease caused by extrapyramidal lesions. It is mainly due to the degeneration of dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra, resulting in insufficient dopamine content in the extrapyramidal system, or an excessive amount of a protein called "PAEL" in the human body, which makes the cholinergic nerve function in this system relatively dominant, causing pathological conditions. Its main characteristics are progressive bradykinesia, muscle rigidity, and tremor. Anti-parkinson's disease APIs are divided into dopamine mimetics and centrally acting anticholinergics.

Protheragen-ING offers a full range of APIs for parkinson's disease to support customer research worldwide.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API104632259 Pramipexole Dihydrochloride 104632-25-9 View Details APIs
API155270998 Istradefylline 155270-99-8 View Details APIs
API202825465 Safinamide Mesylate 202825-46-5 View Details APIs
API28860959 Carbidopa 28860-95-9 View Details APIs
API52493 Trihexyphenidyl Hydrochloride 52-49-3 View Details APIs
API665667 Amantadine Hydrochloride 665-66-7 View Details APIs
API923287507 Opicapone 923287-50-7 View Details APIs
API99755596 Rotigotine 99755-59-6 View Details APIs


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