Spot Reduction Effectiveness Test

Welcome to our cosmetic spot reduction effectiveness test page! Cosmetics with blemish-removing and whitening efficacy should be evaluated for efficacy and safety through human efficacy evaluation tests to ensure that they do not jeopardize the human health of the subjects under normal and foreseeable circumstances.

Protheragen-ING offers comprehensive testing services to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic products for spot removal.

Comprehensive Testing Services

Protheragen-ING customizes test protocols based on product uniqueness to measure changes in skin discoloration over a period of time to determine a product's blemish-removing properties. Our protocols are designed in accordance with statistical principles, and the test data meet statistical requirements.

Our services include a comprehensive analysis of the blemish-removing efficacy of your cosmetic products. We evaluate various parameters such as fading, hyperpigmentation reduction and overall spot fading effect over a defined period of time.

Cosmetics with anti-freckle function.

Here is how our service works.

Test Procedure

Participant Recruitment

Protheragen-ING recruits a group of participants who exhibit blemishes or hyperpigmentation in the identified test target area. Participants may include individuals with different skin types, ages, and severity of discoloration to provide a diverse sample group.

Baseline Assessment

Prior to applying the cosmetic product, a baseline assessment of the participant's skin condition is performed, including spot size, color intensity and overall appearance to establish a starting point for comparison.

Product Application

Participants applied the cosmetic products to the designated areas or areas of hyperpigmentation according to the instructions provided. We ensure that the application is consistent and standardized across all participants.

Treatment Cycle

Participants follow a recommended treatment regimen that may involve daily or regular application of cosmetics. The duration of the treatment period depends on the specific product and desired results.

Spot Reduction Effectiveness Test.

Evaluation and Measurement

At predetermined intervals during and after treatment, we use a variety of methods to assess and measure spots or hyperpigmentation.

These may include visual assessment, standardized photography, colorimetry, or image analysis software to quantify changes in spot size, color intensity, and overall appearance.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Our comprehensive report includes findings, statistical analysis (if applicable), and conclusions regarding the efficacy of cosmetic spot removal.

If you are interested in evaluating the spot reduction effectiveness of a cosmetic product, please contact us to discuss your specific testing requirements. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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