Particle Morphology Test

What Is Particle Morphology?

Particle morphology refers to the form, shape, and physiochemical or biochemical structure of a particle. It is a fundamental inherent property that substantially affects material behavior.

Measuring particle shape and morphology can provide significant insights into the characteristics of a compound and its practical applications, as well as its genesis.

Why Measure Particle Morphology?

Measuring particle morphology offers valuable insights into a compound's attributes and its applications.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the particle morphology of drugs can significantly impact their compressibility, fluidity, and various chemical properties, along with their water adsorption capacity, subsequently affecting their functional characteristics.

During the early stages of drug development, it's crucial to focus on the particle morphology of various crystal forms and the granulation process of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) or excipients, which helps guarantee drug quality and stability.

How to Measure Particle Morphology?

We utilize the two techniques to analyze particle morphology.

  1. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
    This technique involves transmitting an electron beam through the sample (usually a solid with a thickness of less than 100 nm) and capturing images on a fluorescent screen after multiple electron amplifications. TEM enables detailed observation of particle sizes at the microscopic level.
  2. Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
    Unlike TEM, SEM employs an electron beam to scan the sample's surface and gauge electrons reflected from it. SEM excels at revealing sample morphology, particle size, and, more importantly, surface characteristics.

Particle Morphology Test

Services Process

Initial Consultation & Project Planning

We start by having a conversation with clients to fully understand their unique analysis needs and intentions. We create a thorough project strategy during this step that considers the selected analysis technique and project schedule. This planning guarantees a clear understanding of clients for the entire project.

Sample Preparation & Analysis

Proper sample preparation is vital to guarantee accurate results. Our proficient laboratory professionals meticulously prepare and handle it for analysis.

Depending on the specific characteristics of your sample, various preparation techniques are employed. These may include cleaning, drying, polishing, cutting, and other tailored methods essential for the precise analysis of different sample types.


We subsequently furnish clients with a comprehensive report, which includes the morphological measurement data, detailed testing conditions, and steps conducted during the analysis.

Follow-up Support & Consultation

After delivering the report, we maintain open communication with our clients. This allows us to promptly address any questions, or concerns, or provide additional guidance.

Protheragen-ING is here to assist clients from all over the world with morphology analysis needs. If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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