pH Test

What Is pH?

pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. 'H' stands for hydrogen ion (H⁺). 'p' is placed in front of a dimensionless quantity to represent the negative logarithm of that quantity. So the pH of a solution is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions.

A lower pH indicates higher acidity due to an increased concentration of hydrogen ions, while a higher pH signifies higher alkalinity resulting from a reduced concentration of hydrogen ions.

The pH value is commonly determined on a scale of 0 to 14, where 0-6 indicates acidity, 7 is considered neutral, and 8-14 denotes alkalinity.

Why Measure pH?

This fundamental parameter plays a critical role in various fields, particularly in pharmaceutical development.

Variations in pH can, in some cases, trigger the degradation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Different drug formulations, such as oral tablets, injections, or topical creams, may require specific pH ranges to maintain stability and ensure controlled drug release. Therefore, understanding a drug's pH characteristics and the suitable pH environment for the drug is crucial for ensuring therapeutic efficacy.

Besides, the solubility of drugs is a key consideration, often associated with pH values. Having a precise knowledge of pH-based solubility is essential for formulating drugs in ways that optimise their bioavailability and therapeutic performance.

pH meter

Services at Protheragen-ING

Initial Consultation

During this step, we gather preliminary information about the sample's solubility characteristics and precise requirements from clients, enabling us to identify suitable analytical methods and sample preparation methods.

Sample Processing & Analysis

For the pH Test, we need to take measures like dissolving and filtering to prepare the sample. We conduct the pH test immediately after obtaining the solution.

This processing ensures that the sample is in ideal condition for testing, minimizing the risk of sample contamination by external factors, such as carbon dioxide. We employ state-of-the-art pH meters and electrodes to carry out precise pH measurements and adhere to industry standards and guidelines.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Upon completion of the pH analysis, our expert team diligently scrutinises the results for accuracy and reliability.

We provide comprehensive reports that encompass not only measurement data but also experimental details (testing date, temperature, specific operations for preparing solutions, instrument calibration data conducted prior to the analysis, etc.).

Follow-up Consultation

Our high-quality services are beyond the reporting steps. We remain available for follow-up consultations, addressing any questions or concerns clients may have after receiving the report.

At Protheragen-ING, we offer comprehensive drug testing services that are tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical research and development. For further information or to inquire about our services, please feel free to contact us.


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