Cosmetics Efficacy Tests

Welcome to Protheragen-ING’s cosmetic efficacy testing service! As the main characteristics of various types of cosmetics, cosmetic efficacy is one of the highlights of product promotion and an important factor in consumer choice.

Protheragen-ING provides comprehensive cosmetic efficacy testing solutions to prove that your products meet requirements. Our comprehensive testing procedures and state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide accurate and reliable data on the efficacy of cosmetic products to help you make informed decisions regarding product development and regulatory compliance.

Cosmetics Efficacy Tests

Comprehensive Efficacy Test Capabilities

Protheragen-ING provides comprehensive efficacy testing solutions to evaluate the effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients, including but not limited to the following.

Skin Irritation and Sensitization - We evaluate the potential of your cosmetic product to cause irritation or sensitization on the skin, ensuring its safety for consumer use.

Moisturization and Hydration - Our tests assess the ability of your product to provide adequate moisturization and hydration, helping you validate claims related to skin nourishment.

Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Reduction - We conduct studies to determine the effectiveness of your anti-aging products in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Sun Protection - Our testing procedures evaluate the sun protection factor (SPF) and UVA/UVB protection efficacy of sunscreens and other sun care products.

Hair and Scalp Care - We offer a range of tests to assess the efficacy of hair care products, including evaluations for hair growth, dandruff control, and scalp health.

Makeup Performance - Our testing protocols analyze the performance and longevity of makeup products such as foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick.

Efficacy Test Product Categories

Below are our specific test items.

In addition to the testing described above, we will work closely with you to develop a testing strategy that is consistent with your product objectives and regulatory obligations to meet your specific requirements.

Efficacy Test Product Categories

Our efficacy evaluation services cover various major cosmetic categories, including cleansing products, skin care products, bath products, shampoo and hair care products, hair dye products, hair perming products, various eye, face and lip makeup, etc.

If you are looking for reliable and comprehensive cosmetic efficacy testing services, Protheragen-ING is here to help. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering accurate results and actionable insights to support your product development and regulatory compliance needs.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and find out how we can help you bring safe and effective cosmetics to market. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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