Hard Capsules

Fig.1 Hard Capsules

Hard capsules are a commonly used oral dosage form consisting of two translucent capsule shells filled with medication or nutrients. It is ideal for tablets, pastes, powdered or granular ingredients. These ingredients can be easily filled into a two-piece hard cap. Hard capsule shells are usually made of materials such as gelatine or vegetable cellulose, which provide good resistance to drug compatibility and stability.

Protheragen-ING offers specialized hard capsule development services to help you achieve efficient delivery and absorption of your innovative drugs and nutraceuticals. Whether you need to develop a new hard capsule product or improve and optimize an existing one, we can provide you with professional hard capsule development services.

Advantages of Hard Capsules

Hard Capsule Formulation Development Services

Our team of experienced formulators will work closely with you to develop customized formulations to ensure optimal drug release, bioavailability, and stability. We can help you select the right excipient, modify the release profile, and optimize the formulation to meet your product goals.

During hard capsule development, we utilize advanced technologies, precise formulations, and measurement methods to ensure product quality and consistency, as well as accurate drug or nutrient delivery and stability.

Benefits of our customized hard capsules:

Shapes and Sizes of Hard Capsules

Protheragen-ING develops hard capsules in a variety of sizes to accommodate different dosage requirements. The choice of capsule size depends on the dose of the drug and the patient's ability to swallow.

Size No. 00 No. 0 No. 1 No. 2 No. 3
Filling Volume 1.01 mL 0.68 mL 0.49 mL 0.37 mL 0.28 mL

Fig.2 Structure of the common type of enteric hard capsule.Fig. 1 Structure of the common type of enteric hard capsule (Snap-fit type): (A) open position with two capsule parts (cap, body); (B) pre-closed position; (C) closed position of hard capsule. (Franc A, et al. 2022)

Types of Hard Capsules

Our hard capsule development services cover a wide range of hard capsule types to meet the needs of different pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

Regular Hard Capsules Suitable for packaging of conventional drugs and nutritional supplements.
Sustained Release Hard Capsules Enables sustained release effect of drugs.
Controlled Release Hard Capsules Enables the release of drugs on a specific schedule.
Sealed Hard Capsules Superior airtightness to protect ingredients that are susceptible to oxidation. Combined with high moisture and odor resistance, they are also suitable for raw materials that are susceptible to moisture deterioration and those with strong odors.
Enteric Hard Capsules Excellent acid resistance and solubility to enhance the stability of the contents.
Customized Hard Capsules Can be designed and manufactured according to customers' special needs.

Professional Hard Capsule Production Process

In the production process of hard capsules, we strictly follow international standards and norms and adopt advanced production equipment and processes. Our production lines are equipped with efficient capsule filling, sealing, and packaging capabilities to ensure product quality and capacity. Our process includes capsule shell preparation, filling of drugs or nutrients, capsule closure, and packaging to ensure product integrity and safety.

Please contact us for more detailed information about our hard capsule development services and customization options. Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions or need further assistance.


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