Preservative Efficacy Test

Synthetic and natural preservatives hinder incidental microbial contamination that may occur during normal product use and play a vital role in protecting pharmaceuticals and cosmetics from microbial contamination.

Protheragen-ING understands the key role preservatives play in ensuring the safety and stability of cosmetic products.

We test cosmetic products for preservative efficacy, a comprehensive and reliable solution for evaluating the effectiveness of preservatives in cosmetic formulations to ensure that consumers can safely apply products directly to the skin.

Introduction to PET Service

Our preservative efficacy test (PET) is used to determine the suitability of a sensitive cosmetic's preservative system for a particular formulation, container type and model product usage.

The test procedure is based on the principle of inoculating cosmetic products with microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi under certain conditions and observing their growth and multiplication over a specified period of time to assess the effectiveness and stability of the cosmetic preservative system.

If the number of microorganisms inoculated into the formulation decreases or does not increase, the preservative properties of the product are considered adequate.

Observe the growth and reproduction of microorganisms within the specified time.

We conduct preservative neutralization studies prior to or concurrently with PET to ensure neutralization of the bioactive agent. If the neutralization study fails, alternative neutralization methods such as membrane filtration are used.

The target bacteria for inoculation are generally the following five species.

The Significance of PET

  1. Testing can help determine whether a selected preservation system is effective in controlling microbial contamination in cosmetics over the expected shelf life.
  2. Testing determines the effectiveness of the corrosion protection system against contaminants that may be introduced during and after manufacturing.
  3. Challenge testing can provide consumers with assurance of safe use when cosmetics are exposed to harsh conditions of use.

Our Testing Standards

Advantages of Our PET Service

Rigorous Test Protocols

Protheragen-ING's cosmetic PET services follow rigorous testing protocols based on industry standards and guidelines.

Diverse Microbiological Panel

To ensure comprehensive testing, Protheragen-ING utilizes a wide range of relevant microorganisms commonly found in cosmetics for evaluation.

Customized Tests

Protheragen-ING customizes unique test plans based on your product-specific characteristics.

Formulation Optimization

Protheragen-ING's cosmetic PET service not only evaluates the effectiveness of current preservatives, but also provides valuable insights for formulation optimization.

Accurate and Reliable Results

Our cosmetic PET services are performed by experienced professionals in state-of-the-art laboratories. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Preservative Efficacy Test.

With our cosmetic PET services, you can evaluate the performance of preservatives and make informed decisions to protect your customers and your brand. Contact us today. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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