Lipid-Lowering APIs

Lipid-lowering APIs are a class of compounds widely used to treat hyperlipidemia is a disease characterized by elevated levels of lipids (such as cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood. Protheragen-ING provides a full range of lipid-lowering APIs to support global customers' research, including but not limited to statins, fiber acid derivatives, bile acid sequestrants, etc. These APIs play a crucial role in controlling lipid abnormalities and reducing cardiovascular disease risk.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API134523038 Atorvastatin calcium 134523-03-8 View Details APIs
API1376614991 ent-Ezetimibe 1376614-99-1 View Details APIs
API163222331 Ezetimibe 163222-33-1 View Details APIs
API51037300 Acipimox 51037-30-0 View Details APIs
API738606467 Bempedoic Acid 738606-46-7 View Details APIs
API848259278 Pemafibrate 848259-27-8 View Details APIs


  • The products referred to herein are provided "as is" and Protheragen-ING makes no representation or guarantee of any kind regarding product specific information.
  • The use of the products covered in this article may not be permitted under the relevant pharmaceutical regulations in some jurisdictions. Therefore, please check the relevant regulations in your jurisdiction first to determine whether you have the right to use these products.
  • Protheragen-ING's basic premise for providing you with the products described herein is that you are solely responsible for ensuring your strict compliance with all applicable laws.

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