Enzyme APIs

Enzymes are catalysts of biological systems, controlling the metabolic processes of substances and energy as well as information transmission and expression in living bodies, and abnormal enzyme activity can lead to diseases occurring. Therefore, enzymes are not only important disease treatment targets but also can be directly used as drugs to treat diseases. Clinically, these compounds have played an increasingly important role in the treatment of metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and many other diseases. Commonly used enzyme APIs include miglucerase, alpha glucosidase, asforase, etc., for the treatment of metabolic defects, asparaginase and glucosidase for cancer treatment, alteplase to treat gout, anistreplase that treats disorders related to abnormal protein accumulation, aggregation and adhesion, as well as lipase for digestion.

Protheragen-ING provides enzyme APIs covering various research fields to help you achieve success in drug research and development.



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