Total Organic Carbon Test

What Is Total Organic Carbon?

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) refers to the total amount of carbon-containing organic compounds in a substance, reflecting the overall presence of organic materials. TOC is typically expressed in units of milligrams per liter (mg/L) or parts per million (ppm).

Why Measure Total Organic Carbon?

TOC testing is widely applied, particularly in environmental assessments, as it serves as a crucial indicator of organic pollution in water bodies.

In the medical field, TOC is commonly used for assessing the suitability of pharmaceutical-grade pure water and injectable water, as for well as determining the cleanliness of reusable medical equipment to ensure compliance with USP and EP standards.

How to Measure Total Organic Carbon?

TOC is measured using a Total Organic Carbon Analyzer.

The working principle involves acidifying the sample, heating it to remove inorganic carbon, and oxidizing the organic carbon to produce carbon dioxide.

After the purification and removal of impurities, a dedicated carbon dioxide detector is used to determine the TOC content in the sample.

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Service at Protheragen-ING

Initial Consultation & Project Planning

We initiate our service by engaging in a comprehensive discussion with clients to fully grasp their analysis requirements. This includes gathering crucial details about the test samples and their intended purposes, such as drug testing, water contamination testing, cleaning validation testing, etc.

Based on the specific testing objectives, we select the most suitable methods.

Subsequently, our team of experts develops a project plan, which delineates the testing approach, instrument choices, testing conditions, and the proposed timeline.

This plan ensures a clear and precise understanding of the project's alignment with the client's needs.

Sample Preparation & Testing

Upon receiving the sample, our dedicated laboratory professionals meticulously handle and prepare it for analysis. Our advanced Total Organic Carbon Analyzer is deployed for these tests.

In the case of certain types of testing, such as cleaning validation testing, this step involves performing standard substance testing to create a calibration curve.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our experienced experts conduct TOC testing and collect data with precision and accuracy. We then provide clients with a final report that includes the TOC measurement data, details of the testing conditions, and experimental steps (as needed).

Follow-up Support & Consultation

Following the submission of the report, we maintain ongoing communication with clients, being available to address any inquiries, concerns, and offer further assistance.

Protheragen-ING offers TOC testing services, serving various industries with comprehensive analysis and consultation. Contact us for more information and expect prompt responses within 2-4 working days.


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