Multilayer Tablets

Multilayer tablets are an innovative form of drug formulation consisting of two or more layers of different drugs or excipients compressed together to form a single tablet. These layers can be layered with different technological means to achieve drug layering and can control the rate and timing of drug release. Multi-layer tablets have a wide range of applications in drug therapy and can be used for extended release of single drugs, multi-drug combination therapy, and time series therapy.

Protheragen-ING specializes in comprehensive multilayer tablet design and development services with a focus on zero-order sustained release, fast/slow delivery systems, and time-programmed delivery systems. Our experienced team of formulation scientists combined with advanced technologies and precise manufacturing processes allow us to create customized multilayer tablet designs that meet specific therapeutic requirements.

Fig.1 Multilayer Tablets.Fig. 1 Schematic of tablets containing multiple drugs. (A) Multilayer device and (B) DuoCaplet. (Giovanny F, et al. 2016)

Advantages of Multilayer Tablets

Multilayer Tablet Design

The design of multilayer tablets is a complex and critical process. Our team of experienced formulation scientists and pharmaceutical engineers work closely with clients to develop customized multilayer tablet designs. We consider factors such as drug properties, drug compatibility, release profiles, target sites, stability, and patient requirements to create optimized tablet designs that meet specific therapeutic goals.

Our multilayer tablet development services cover a wide range of multilayer tablet types, including but not limited to the following:

Technologies Usd for Multilayer Tablets

In the development of multilayer tablets, we employ advanced technologies to achieve drug layering and controlled release, including but not limited to the following technologies:

Fig.2 Schematic presentation of the bi-layered tablets in the impermeable capsule body.Fig. 2 Schematic presentation of the bi-layered tablets in the impermeable capsule body. (Sah ML, et al. 2012)

Multilayer Tablet Production Process

1. Selection of suitable drug combinations and formulations based on API properties and therapeutic needs.

2. Pre-treatment of APIs and excipients, including operations such as crushing, screening, and mixing, to ensure homogeneity and stability of drug particles.

3. Preparation of multilayer tablets using suitable techniques according to design requirements.

4. If required, the multilayer tablets are coated using coating technology.

5. The manufactured multilayer tablets are inspected and quality controlled to ensure that they meet the drug standards and requirements.

6. Our packaging experts carefully pack multilayer tablets to ensure stability and provide clear instructions for use.

Contact us today to discuss your multilayer tablet design needs and explore how we can help you develop an innovative drug delivery system.


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