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Colorants are commonly used in cosmetics to give them different colors or change the color of the skin or hair. Colorants can be found in almost all cosmetic products such as lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, blush, mascara, and even sunscreen.

Since these colorants touch human skin, they must go through strict safety and stability tests to ensure they're safe and won't change over time. Some people might also have allergies to certain colorants. Therefore, it is important to identify the ingredients of colorants in cosmetics.

Regulations on the Use of Colorants

Organizations such as the FDA and the WTO have strict rules about the use of color additives in cosmetics to keep consumers safe. Depending on where they'll be used on the body, colorants are divided into four categories.

  1. Safe for all cosmetics.
  2. Safe for all cosmetics except those near the eyes.
  3. Safe for cosmetics that briefly touch the skin.
  4. Safe for cosmetics that don't touch mucous membranes.

colorful solvents

Service Process

Sample Preparation

Upon receiving the samples, our laboratory professionals carefully handle and prepare them for analysis. This may involve sample homogenization, dilution, or other sample-specific preparations to ensure accurate and consistent results.


Data Analysis and Reporting

Our experienced analytical chemists analyze the data obtained from the various techniques used and then provide clients with a detailed report that includes information about the detected colorants, their concentration, chemical characteristics, and any other relevant findings. This report serves as a valuable reference for product formulation and regulatory compliance.

Follow-up Support

If any concerns or questions arise during the client consultation, we provide expert guidance and solutions to address them.

Protheragen-ING offers professional services to detect colorants in cosmetic products. If you are interested and need more information please contact us, We will arrange for professionals to handle your inquiry and respond within two working days.


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