LogP/LogD/Pka Analysis

What Are LogP, LogD, and pKa?

LogP, LogD, and pKa are essential chemical parameters that are used to characterise drug molecules.

LogP, LogD, and pKa are fundamental parameters in the characterisation of drug molecules.

They are of significant importance in pharmacokinetics (PK) research and are integral to evaluating how clinical candidate molecules are absorbed, distributed, metabolized and excreted (ADME) within the body.

These parameters are key indicators of a drug's potential and impact the entire process of new drug development.

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Services at Protheragen-ING

Initial Consultation

We begin the process with a detailed consultation to understand the specific needs. During this phase, we will collect information about the purity, stability, desired pH conditions and any additional project requirements.

Project Planning

Our team of experts will assist in selecting the most appropriate method for characterizing the compound. Then we will create a project schedule to ensure transparency and feasibility, which will be provided to the client.

This helps clients understand the timeline of the entire analysis process, ensuring the project proceeds as planned.


We conducted the analysis using advanced techniques and instrumentation, including techniques such as spectrophotometry, potentiometric titration, and HPLC.

Reporting and Follow-up Support

We provide clients with a comprehensive report detailing the analysis results, methodology used and test conditions.

If customers require it, our experts in the field of pharmaceutical analysis will interpret the results and provide valuable insights into these values of drug molecules. This information is essential for understanding the drug performance in different physiological conditions.

If you are interested in this service and wish to learn more, please contact us. Protheragen-ING is ready to provide guidance and recommendations for clients around the world. We will respond promptly, typically within 2-4 business days.


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