Lyophilized Flash Release Formulation Development

Protheragen-ING is committed to providing professional freeze-drying flash-release formulation development services to help you succeed in the field of drug discovery and development. We specialize in the production of advanced drug formulations using freeze-drying technology. Whether you are engaged in the development of a new drug or seeking to improve the release characteristics of an existing drug, we will provide you with comprehensive support and specialized knowledge.

Introduction to Lyophilized Flash-release Formulations

Fig.1 Lyophilized Flash Release Formulation Development

Lyophilized flash-release formulations are advanced drug delivery systems that combine the advantages of lyophilization and flash-release technologies. Lyophilization technology transforms a drug into a solid powder or film form by freezing the drug solution and removing the water under a vacuum. Flash-release technology, on the other hand, allows the drug to be released at a controlled rate over a given period for better efficacy and therapeutic results. By incorporating flash-release technology into lyophilized formulations, we can create products that deliver drugs in an efficient and precise manner.

Advantages of Lyophilized Flash-release Formulations

Lyophilized Flash Release Formulation Types

Our services cover the development of a wide range of lyophilized flash-release formulation types. This includes but is not limited to, formulations in the form of particles, nanoparticles, films, microspheres, and fiber bundles. We can design and develop the most appropriate lyophilized flash release formulations according to our client's needs and objectives.

Fig.2 Development strategies for controlled-release drugs in freeze-dried tablets.Fig. 1 Development strategies for controlled-release drugs in freeze-dried tablets. (Tran PHL, et al. 2021)


During the development of lyophilized flash-release formulations, we will apply a series of advanced techniques to achieve optimal drug delivery. These techniques include but are not limited to, lyophilization process optimization, drug stability assessment, release kinetics studies, material selection, and characterization. We will provide you with customized technical solutions based on your drug properties and objectives, combined with the latest scientific advances.

Lyophilization and Flash Release Preparation Process

Our process includes optimization of drug formulation, optimization of lyophilization conditions, application of flash release technology, and quality control. We will ensure that each batch of formulation meets stringent quality standards and provide detailed preparation process records and documentation to support your drug development application and marketing approval.

Our formulation development process follows a systems approach:

(1) Initial consultation: We work with you to understand your specific requirements, including drug properties, target indications, and desired release profile.
(2) Formulation design: We formulate customized lyophilized flash-release formulations, taking into account factors such as stability, solubility, and compatibility.
(3) Process optimization: We use scientific methods to optimize the freeze-drying process to ensure uniform drying, minimal collapse, and the highest product quality.
(4) Analytical testing: Our rigorous testing program evaluates the physical, chemical, and microbiological properties of formulations to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
(5) Scale-up and manufacturing: Once the formulation is finalized, we can assist you with scale-up and provide manufacturing support for commercialization.

Please contact us for more details on our services and how to get started. We look forward to working with you to push the frontiers of drug discovery and provide better treatment options for patients.


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