Cosmetics Safety Test

In order to evaluate any dangers connected to cosmetics, such as skin irritation, allergic responses, and long-term health impacts, cosmetic safety testing is essential.

Protheragen-ING offers extensive cosmetic safety testing services that are intended to assist regulatory bodies, distributors, and manufacturers of cosmetics in meeting the strictest safety and compliance requirements. Products include creams, lotions, and essential oils, among other things.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Safety Test Solutions

Protheragen-ING can assist you with bringing safe, high-quality goods to market with a variety of cosmetic safety testing services. Our team of highly skilled professionals employs cutting-edge tools and adheres to industry-standard testing procedures to produce precise and trustworthy findings.

Cosmetics Safety Test.

Our services include the following.

Ingredient Analysis

Protheragen-ING thoroughly examines the components that go into your makeup. This includes evaluating their safety, any allergies, and adherence to legal requirements. Any compounds that can be dangerous for consumers can be found thanks to our study of the ingredients.

Microbial Detection

To determine if cosmetic items are contaminated with microorganisms, microbiological testing is necessary.

The testing methods used by Protheragen-ING detect the presence of dangerous microorganisms including mold, yeast, and bacteria. This guarantees that your product is safe for customers to use and free of microbiological contamination.

Skin Irritation and Sensitization Test

Testing for skin sensitivity and irritation determines whether cosmetics have the potential to have negative skin effects. Protheragen-ING conducts testing in accordance with globally accepted protocols to assess the possibility of irritation and sensitization in your goods, guaranteeing their safety for customers with varying skin types.

Stability and Shelf Life Test

Protheragen-ING tests your product for stability and shelf life to assess potential alterations in its composition over time.

We can ascertain the shelf life of your cosmetics and guarantee that they retain quality and safety for the duration of their intended use by subjecting them to a range of environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and light.

Security Assessment and Regulatory Compliance

Protheragen-ING offers services for regulatory compliance and thorough security evaluation.

We assess your cosmetic items in accordance with the most recent guidelines and laws to make sure they adhere to the essential labeling specifications and safety standards. Additionally, we help with the document preparation needed for regulatory filings.

Cosmetic Microbial Test.

Why Choose Protheragen-ING?

Contact Protheragen-ING today to discuss your testing needs and how we can help you bring safe, high-quality products to market. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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