Suspension Development Services

Fig.1 Suspension Development Services

Pharmaceutical suspensions are an important dosage form in which solid particles are dispersed in a liquid medium. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver water-insoluble or water-insoluble drugs. Suspensions offer several advantages over other dosage forms, making them ideal for drug formulation and delivery.

Protheragen-ING offers a one-stop development service to help optimize API suspension formulations based on the characteristics of the API and the customer's R&D objectives. Whether your drug is to be administered via injectable, ophthalmic, topical, or oral routes, our team of professionals is ready to collaborate. Together, we will customize your drug formulation to not only meet your exact specifications but also to comply with stringent regulatory standards.

Why Choose A Suspension?

Classification of Suspensions

Aqueous Suspensions These suspensions use water as the liquid medium. They are commonly employed for oral, topical, and parenteral administration.
Non-Aqueous Suspensions Non-aqueous suspensions use non-aqueous liquids, such as oils or organic solvents, as the dispersion medium. They are often used to deliver lipophilic drugs.
Microsuspensions Microsuspensions consist of submicron-sized drug particles dispersed in a liquid medium. They offer improved bioavailability and can be used for targeted drug delivery.

Suspension Development Programs

As a formulation development company, Protheragen-ING can provide development services for a wide range of drug suspensions. Specific development projects will be customized according to your needs and drug properties.

Fig.2 The preparation process of pharmaceutical suspensions.Fig. 1 The preparation process of pharmaceutical suspensions.

Suspension Preparation Method

Protheragen-ING's suspension development services involve a variety of technologies and processes to ensure uniform dispersion and stability of suspensions.

Contact us today to discuss your lotion formulation development project and take the first step toward bringing your vision to life.


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