Closed Patch Test

Closed patch testing is the most common method of performing patch testing, which is a skin test used to determine if an individual has an allergic reaction to certain substances. This non-invasive test consists of applying small patches containing different suspected allergens to the skin, covering them with closed patches and detecting the skin's reaction for a specified period of time.

Protheragen-ING specializes in providing comprehensive closed patch testing services for the cosmetic industry, helping to identify potential allergic reactions or irritations that may occur when using cosmetics. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with accurate and valuable information on how your skin reacts to various cosmetic products.

Comprehensive Testing Services

A very sensitive and focused diagnostic method is the closed patch test. It is useful in identifying delayed hypersensitivity reactions, which can happen days or even hours after coming into contact with an allergen.

Protheragen-ING is staffed by highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in performing closed patch tests. You can trust us to provide accurate results and valuable insights.

Closed Patch Test.

Protheragen-ING's comprehensive closed patch testing services include but are not limited to, the following.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

Protheragen-ING conducts closed patch test trials using specialist patch test equipment.

The subject is placed inside the patch tester's tiny chamber, and we apply tiny patches to their back that are thought to contain various possible allergens. A closed patch was then applied to the skin.

The patches were left on for 24 hours before being taken off. The skin reactions were then observed for 0.5, 24 and 48 hours following the removal of the patches, and the findings were documented using the standards outlined in the current technical guidelines for grading skin reactions.

Comprehensive Allergen Panel

Protheragen-ING offers a comprehensive allergen panel covering a wide range of substances commonly associated with allergic reactions. Some of the common allergens we test for include:

Customized Test Protocols

Protheragen-ING understands that every customer has unique requirements. That's why we offer customized testing protocols to ensure accurate and personalized results.

Our team will consider your specific needs and concerns and customize the testing process accordingly to assess the compatibility of cosmetic products with the skin.

Expert Analysis Consultation

At the end of the testing period, our experienced professionals will carefully analyze the results and provide you with a detailed report. We will explain the significance of each allergen reaction and provide advice on managing allergies.

Ongoing Support and Follow-up

Protheragen-ING's commitment to your well-being does not end with the test results. We believe in providing ongoing support and follow-up care. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have after testing and to assist you in developing a personalized allergy management plan.

Customized Closed Patch Test Protocols

Protheragen-ING is committed to providing you with accurate and valuable information about how your skin reacts to various cosmetic products. Our closed patch test is an invaluable tool for understanding your skin's compatibility with cosmetic products, enabling you to make informed choices about your skin care regimen.

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