Vitamin APIs

There are currently about 14 recognized vitamins, but most of them cannot be synthesized in the body, except for a few that can be synthesized in the body or produced by bacteria in the intestines. Vitamin deficiency will occur when the body's intake of vitamins is insufficient, the body's ability to absorb vitamins is impaired, the body's demand for vitamins increases, or even when vitamin synthesis is reduced due to the interference of some drugs. Clinically, vitamin ADs are used to treat rickets and night blindness, tetany in children, and to prevent vitamin AD deficiency. Vitamin B is used to regulate metabolism, maintain skin and muscle health, and promote cell growth and division, including promoting the production of red blood cells and preventing anemia. Vitamin C, also called L-ascorbic acid, is used as an antioxidant to prevent heart disease, etc.

Protheragen-ING provides a full range of vitamin APIs to support the research of global customers.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API520263 Hesperidin 520-26-3 View Details APIs
API86404048 3-O-Ethyl-L-ascorbic acid 86404-04-8 View Details APIs


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