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Pellets are small solid, spherical, or cylindrical particles containing a specific dose of drug. They are commonly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and are designed to release the drug in a controlled manner over an extended period. This controlled release mechanism allows for continuous drug delivery, ensuring consistent therapeutic effects and reducing the frequency of administration.

Pellets are typically used in oral dosage forms, such as capsules or tablets. They can also be filled into capsules for modified-release applications or incorporated into other drug formulations such as transdermal patches or implants.

Protheragen-ING provides pharmaceutical companies and research organizations with comprehensive pellet development services to meet their specific drug development needs. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers specializes in the formulation, optimization, and manufacturing of pellets for controlled-release applications.

Advantages of Pellets

Technology for Manufacturing Pellets

Protheragen-ING is made by mixing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with other excipients and binders to form a homogeneous mixture. The mixture is then processed using various techniques to form pellets. The choice of manufacturing method depends on the specific drug and the desired release profile.

Key Steps in Our Pellet Development Process

Pellets prepared by conventional and innovative technologies.Fig. 1 Pellets prepared by conventional and innovative technologies. (Kállai-Szabó N, et al. 2022)

The Cases for Pellets

Several drugs are often formulated into pills for controlled-release applications. Here are some examples:

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore how we can assist you in developing high-quality drug pellets for controlled-release applications.


  1. Kállai-Szabó N, et al. (2022). "Review on Starter Pellets: Inert and Functional Cores." Pharmaceutics, 14(6), 1299.


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