Antishock Vasoactive APIs

Shock is a comprehensive disease characterized by insufficient capillary perfusion of the heart, brain, kidneys, and tissues, which leads to cell metabolism functional disorders and microcirculatory blood flow disorders. Antivasoactive drugs are often used clinically for treatment. Commonly used anti-vasoactive APIs can be divided into vasodilator APIs and vasoconstrictor APIs. Vasodilator APIs include α-receptor blockers, β-receptor agonists, dopamine receptor activating drugs, glucocorticoids, calcium antagonists, etc. Vasoconstrictor APIs are mainly used for shock caused by dilation of small arteries and low impedance, including α-receptor agonists, polypeptide vasoconstrictors, etc.

Protheragen-ING offers a full range of antishock vasoactive APIs to support the research of global customers.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API33402038 Metaraminol Bitartrate 33402-03-8 View Details APIs
API464437 (+)-BORNEOL 464-43-7 View Details APIs
API51412 Norepinephrine 51-41-2 View Details APIs
API59427 Phenylephrine 59-42-7 View Details APIs
API69815492 Noradrenaline Bitartrate/Norepinephrine Bitartrate 69815-49-2 View Details APIs


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