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A lotion is a topical preparation typically used for application or cleansing of the skin or mouth. It is usually a liquid or semi-solid lotion consisting of an aqueous phase and an oil phase. Lotions are formed by mixing these two phases together with the help of emulsifiers and other ingredients.

Protheragen-ING provides a professional and comprehensive one-stop service for lotion formulation. Our team consists of experienced and skilled professionals, including chemical engineers, pharmacologists and formulators. With a wide range of knowledge and skills, they are able to provide customized development services according to customers' needs and requirements and are dedicated to helping you create high-quality and innovative lotion formulations that meet your specific requirements.

Cases of Common Lotion Formulations

Lotion can be used as a vehicle for topical delivery of medications to the skin. These are often referred to as topical drugs or topical medications. Topical lotions can be formulated to contain active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are intended to treat specific skin conditions or provide localized therapeutic effects. Some examples of lotion drugs include:

Corticosteroid lotions These lotions contain corticosteroid drugs such as hydrocortisone or betamethasone, which are used to reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms associated with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or allergic reactions.
Antibacterial or antifungal lotions Lotions can be formulated with antibacterial or antifungal agents like miconazole or clotrimazole to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot or ringworm.
Acne lotions Lotions containing ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are used to treat acne by reducing oil production, unclogging pores, and preventing bacterial growth.
Anti-itch or anti-inflammatory lotions These lotions may contain ingredients like calamine or pramoxine hydrochloride to provide relief from itching, insect bites, or minor skin irritations.
Topical analgesic lotions Lotions with analgesic agents like lidocaine or menthol can be used for localized pain relief, such as muscle aches or joint pain.

Comprehensive Lotion Formulation Development Services

Our lotion formulation development services involve the process of creating stable and effective lotion formulations with desired properties. The following are the key steps:

A few common ways to prepare lotions.Fig. 1 A few common ways to prepare lotions.

Contact us today to discuss your lotion formulation development project and take the first step toward bringing your vision to life.


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