Custom Purification and Separation

Purification and separation are fundamental processes in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. They involve isolating and refining chemical compounds from mixtures, ensuring that the final products meet stringent quality and purity standards. Protheragen-ING specializes in providing highly customizable purification and separation services tailored to specific needs.

Service Process

1. Project planning: Start with a client-led discussion to determine the scope and key goal of the project, such as the separation and purification of complex mixtures or the purification of specific compounds. Our experts will develop specific purification plans based on different needs, which may involve a combination of multiple purification methods.

2. Project Execution: We assemble our team to fulfill each specific demand. At this stage, we will use a variety of purification methods that involve physical methods, chemical methods, and the use of analytical instruments.

3. Final delivery of the product and report: We offer customized analysis reports crafted to meet specific requirements. These reports provide a detailed breakdown of our operational procedures and purification results at each stage. Furthermore, for final products, we furnish precise and comprehensive quality reports.

Custom Purification and Separation

The Method of Purification and Separation

Crystallization: Crystallization involves dissolving the compound in a suitable solvent and then allowing it to slowly crystallize. Crystals are separated and dried to obtain a pure compound. This method is effective in separating solids from liquids. The key to this method is the choice of solvent.

Distillation: Distillation is utilized to separate components in a liquid mixture based on their different boiling points. The mixture is heated and the vapor is condensed and collected, resulting in purified components. This technique is commonly used to separate liquids and thermally stable substances.

Filtration: Filtration is a simple method for separating solids from liquids or gases. It involves passing the mixture through a porous material (filter) that retains the solid particles while allowing the liquid or gas to pass through.

Chromatography: Chromatography is a versatile technique that separates compounds based on their differential interactions with a stationary phase and a mobile phase. Various types of chromatography for purification exist, including preparative high-performance liquid chromatography (prep-HPLC: This method usually involves the screening of multiple chromatographic columns, mobile phase systems, and methods to obtain the most suitable purification conditions, preparative thin-layer chromatography (PTLC), each suitable for different applications.

Extraction: Extraction involves the selective removal of a compound from a mixture by using a solvent that dissolves the desired compound but not the impurities. Multiple extractions can be performed to increase purity.

Why Choose Protheragen-ING's Purification and Separation Services?

High quality and reliability: Our team brings extensive experience to the table, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and reliable purification and separation services.

Transparency and Satisfaction: Each project is accompanied by comprehensive quality reports. We provide customized reports tailored to our client's specific requirements. Throughout the project duration, we regularly submit milestone achievement reports to our clients, ensuring project progress and transparency.

Versatility: We can deliver quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms, catering to diverse project scales.

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