Risk Substances Test

Chemicals created or introduced during the production process from cosmetic raw materials that have the potential to be hazardous to human health are considered potential safety risk chemicals. Cosmetics have to be tested for and examined for potential danger chemicals depending on the raw ingredients used in their formulation.

Protheragen-ING understands the importance of cosmetic safety and offers risk substance testing services designed to help you ensure that your cosmetic products comply with safety regulations and meet the highest quality standards. We offer comprehensive testing solutions to identify and assess any potential risks associated with substances used in cosmetics.

Risk Substances Test.

Our Testing Capabilities

Protheragen-ING uses advanced chemical analysis techniques to identify and quantify substances present in your cosmetics. Our testing methods cover a wide range of potentially harmful substances, including heavy metals, allergens, preservatives and other risk substances.

Protheragen-ING performs in-depth toxicity assessments to evaluate the potential risks associated with your cosmetic ingredients. Using in vitro and in vivo test methods, we examine the effects of substances on human cells, tissues and living organisms to determine their safe levels. By evaluating acute and chronic toxicity, we can provide you with valuable insight into the potential hazards of your products.

Protheragen-ING understands that each client's needs are unique. We offer tailored testing solutions to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the most relevant and comprehensive results for your product.

Our Testing Services

The risk substance testing services provided by Protheragen-ING include but are not limited to the following.

Residue Analysis of Crop Protection Products in Cosmetics

Analysis of pesticide residue is very crucial in the field of cosmetics, particularly natural cosmetics.

Contaminated plant material can introduce crop protection products into goods. There's a chance that these compounds exist in amounts that are both technically inevitable and safe for health.

Using a range of methods, Protheragen-ING examines pesticide residues in over 600 different ingredients used in cosmetics.

Analysis of Chemical Residues in Cosmetics

If cosmetics have excessive levels of these ingredients or chemical residues, they are not appropriate for sale. Protheragen-ING uses a range of analytical methods to check the specified residues, establish limit values, and, if required, identify chemicals that are forbidden.

Analysis of Chemical Residues in Cosmetics

Residue Analysis of Other Substances in Cosmetics

Service Advantages

Contact Protheragen-ING today to discuss your testing needs or to request a quote. We will respond within 2-4 working days. Our experts are ready to help you maintain the highest standards of product safety.


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