Long-term Accelerated Shelf-life Test

Understanding of Long-term Accelerated shelf-life Test

This test serves as a method for gauging a product's shelf life. We intentionally subjected the product to conditions featuring elevated temperatures and humidity levels that exceed typical storage conditions. This strategy accelerates the aging process of the product. By analyzing the degradation rate at varying temperatures and the relationship between these temperatures, we can deduce the product's shelf life when stored under standard conditions.

In comparison to lengthy testing conducted under regular storage conditions, this service offers significant advantages: It reduces both time and costs. Most importantly, it expedites the process of obtaining critical product shelf life information, accelerating the product's journey to market.

Our comprehensive services encompass a spectrum of environmental conditions, including a range of temperatures and humidity levels. We employ advanced data analysis techniques, ensuring precise results that can be instrumental in your product development and quality control efforts.


Test Chamber

Services Process

Initial Consultation & Test Plan Development

We begin by collaborating with clients to understand your specific product and testing requirements. During this consultation, we will discuss the parameters of the test, the unique characteristics, and the desired shelf life information.

On the basis of our consultation, our team will develop a tailored test plan.

Testing Under Accelerated Conditions

We placed the samples within a stability test chamber, replicating various environmental conditions, including elevated temperatures and humidity levels. The samples are exposed to these conditions to accelerate the ageing process.

Data Collection and Analysis

Throughout the testing period, we collect data at regular intervals. Our team uses a range of analytical techniques, including HPLC, UV-Vis, MS, NMR, and IR, to analyze the samples. This comprehensive data analysis allows us to monitor the degradation rate and establish a relationship between temperature and shelf life.

Report Generation

Once the testing is complete, we compile a detailed report containing the results of the Long-Term Accelerated Shelf-life Test. The report includes key information about the product's expected shelf life under standard storage conditions.

Consultation and Recommendations

Our experts are available to discuss the test results, offer answers, and address any concerns or questions clients may have about the report.

At Protheragen-ING, we are committed to expediting your product's journey to market by providing precise and efficient Long-term Accelerated Shelf-life Testing. If you have further inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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