Dispersion Tablets

Fig.1 Dispersion Tablets.

Dispersion tablets are a common oral solid dosage form that disintegrates and disperses rapidly in water or other liquid solutions. It contains a suspension of microscopic particles or granules dispersed in a matrix. These particles are usually carriers of the active ingredient or drug and provide improved drug release and absorption properties by being uniformly dispersed in the matrix. They provide a convenient and effective method of drug delivery, especially for people who have difficulty swallowing traditional tablets or capsules.

Protheragen-ING is a leading organization specializing in the development of dispersion tablets, providing high-quality drug development solutions. Whether you need to develop a new dispersion tablet or improve an existing product, our dedicated team will provide you with comprehensive support.

Dispersion Tablet Ingredients

Dispersion tablets are formulated with a variety of ingredients, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, and disintegrants. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the main therapeutic component of the tablet. Excipients play a vital role in enhancing stability, improving flavor, and facilitating tablet disintegration. Disintegrating agents, such as cross-polyvinyl ketone or sodium starch hydroxyacetate, promote rapid disintegration of tablets on contact with liquids.

Advantages of Dispersion Tablets

Types of Dispersion Tablets

Our dispersion tablet development services cover a wide range of dispersion tablet types including but not limited to:

Our dispersion tablet development services cover a wide range of therapeutic areas. We have expertise in formulating various types of dispersion tablets, including antibiotic dispersion tablets, analgesic dispersion tablets, antihistamine dispersion tablets, and pediatric dispersion tablets.

Fig.2 Dispersion tablets are dispersed in a small amount of water to create a drug solution.Fig. 1 Dispersion tablets are dispersed in a small amount of water to create a drug solution. (Abdulla S, et al. 2009)

Technology Used in Dispersion Tablets

Our dispersion tablet development services utilize advanced technologies to ensure the highest quality and performance of the final product. Some of the technologies utilized include:

Dispersion Tablet Production Process

1. Pretreatment

Processing and mixing of API and excipients to ensure quality and consistency of raw materials.

2. Particle Preparation

Preparation of drug particles or particle suspensions using appropriate techniques, and characterization and evaluation of the particles.

3. Mixing and Compression

Mixing the particles with the matrix and excipients and press the mixture into dispersion tablets using a tablet press.

4. Coating

The dispersion tablets are film-coated as required to improve the properties and appearance of the drug.

5. Quality Control

The dispersion tablets produced undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure compliance with specifications, including dose uniformity, dissolution, and stability.

6. Packaging

Final dispersion tablets are packaged in appropriate containers with labeling and packaging materials designed to maintain product integrity and provide accurate dosage instructions.

Contact us today to discuss your dispersion tablet development needs and how we can work together to achieve your goals.


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