Antivirus APIs

Antivirus APIs target various stages of the virus life cycle, including viral attachment, entry, and replication. These compounds can interfere with viral enzymes, disrupt viral protein synthesis, or enhance host cell immune mechanisms to resist viral infection. As global concern over the impact of emerging viral diseases and epidemics continues, the need for effective antiviral therapies continues to rise. Protheragen-ING provides a full range of antivirus APIs to support global customers' drug development on influenza, HIV, hepatitis B and C, herpes, respiratory syncytial virus, etc.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
API 204255118 Oseltamivir phosphata 204255-11-8 View Details
API1011529104 Azvudine 1011529-10-4 View Details APIs
API10236472 Naringin 10236-47-2 View Details APIs
API1051375166 Dolutegravir 1051375-16-6 View Details APIs
API107910758 Ganciclovir Sodium 107910-75-8 View Details APIs
API110078461 Plerixafor 110078-46-1 View Details APIs
API1190307880 Sofosbuvir 1190307-88-0 View Details APIs
API1377049847 Velpatasvir 1377049-84-7 View Details APIs
API1392275567 TAF(Tenofovir Alafenamide Hemifumarate) 1392275-56-7 View Details APIs
API1422343767 TMF(Tenofovir Alafenamide Monofumarate) 1422343-76-7 View Details APIs
API147944 Cytarabine 147-94-4 View Details APIs
API1809249373 Remdesivir 1809249-37-3 View Details APIs
API1985606141 Baloxavir marboxil 1985606-14-1 View Details APIs
API209216239 Entecavir Monohydrate 209216-23-9 View Details APIs
API229614555 Peramivir 229614-55-5 View Details APIs
API2349386894 Molnupiravir 2349386-89-4 View Details APIs
API57333967 Tacalcitol 57333-96-7 View Details APIs
API69657518 Aciclovir Sodium 69657-51-8 View Details APIs
API697761981 Elvitegravir 697761-98-1 View Details APIs
API72599270 Miglustat 72599-27-0 View Details APIs


  • The products referred to herein are provided "as is" and Protheragen-ING makes no representation or guarantee of any kind regarding product specific information.
  • The use of the products covered in this article may not be permitted under the relevant pharmaceutical regulations in some jurisdictions. Therefore, please check the relevant regulations in your jurisdiction first to determine whether you have the right to use these products.
  • Protheragen-ING's basic premise for providing you with the products described herein is that you are solely responsible for ensuring your strict compliance with all applicable laws.

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