Relative Density Test

What Is Relative Density?

Relative density is defined as the ratio of a substance's density (mass per unit volume) to the density of a reference compound.

The discussion of relative density requires specifying a reference value. If the relative density of a substance is less than 1, its density is lower than the reference object; if it is greater than 1, it is denser than the reference object.

Why Measure the Relative Density of the Drug?

Services at Protheragen-ING

Initial Consultation & Planning Development

We engage in in-depth discussions with clients to ensure a thorough understanding of testing needs and objectives.

We determine appropriate reference materials (commonly water) and select measurement units, instruments, and methods based on the properties of the sample.

Density measurement.

Sample Preparation

The collected samples undergo careful preparation to ensure their suitability for relative density testing. This step may include cleaning, drying, and other necessary procedures to eliminate potential sources of error.

We employ a range of advanced or traditional but cost-effective techniques and instruments to measure the relative density, for example:

Report Delivery

We provide detailed reports containing the measured values, test temperature & humidity, and any other relevant information.

Consultation & Follow-up Support

Our experts are available for consultations, providing answers to questions about the report and insights for drug research and development. We also maintain communication with clients after delivering the report, providing support and guidance as needed.

At Protheragen-ING, our Relative Density Test service ensures that the drug development and production processes are guided by accurate, quality data.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us and we will respond within 2-4 working days.


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