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Welcome to Protheragen-ING's state-of-the-art cosmetics testing laboratory, which specializes in evaluating the anti-wrinkle efficacy of cosmetics.

The anti-wrinkle effect refers to helping to slow down the occurrence of skin wrinkles or make wrinkles less obvious. The anti-wrinkle efficacy test is applicable to skincare cosmetics with “anti-wrinkle” efficacy claims.

Our comprehensive testing services are designed to provide you with accurate data to evaluate the effectiveness of cosmetic anti-wrinkle formulations in reducing or minimizing the appearance of skin wrinkles. With our expertise and cutting-edge methods, we can help you evaluate your product's performance and make informed decisions to improve its efficacy.

Protheragen-ING's Testing Services

Our anti-wrinkle efficacy testing service records the changes in facial wrinkles during the use of a test sample and compares it with a control sample to evaluate a product's ability to improve the overall appearance of the skin, reduce wrinkle depth and smooth fine lines.

Testing can be roughly divided into objective measurement methods and subjective evaluation methods. The objective measurement method can determine whether the skin has improved locally through radiology, spectroscopy, laboratory and other methods, while the subjective evaluation method relies on the user's conscious feeling to judge the anti-wrinkle effect of cosmetics.

Wrinkles around eyes.

The eyes are our first choice for testing because they are one of the most wrinkle-prone parts of the face, and wrinkles are also easier to correct.

During the entire efficacy evaluation test cycle, subjects went to the laboratory at specified time points to undergo three major tests: skin wrinkle parameter measurement, facial imaging acquisition, and dermatologist clinical evaluation. The evaluation cycle generally takes more than 2 months.

Protheragen-ING's Test Methods

Our anti-wrinkle efficacy tests are conducted using a variety of methods. These tests are typically performed in a controlled laboratory setting or clinical trial to ensure the results are reliable and accurate. They have sufficient sample size, randomization, and control groups to minimize bias and obtain statistically significant data.

Protheragen-ING performs a visual assessment to assess the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines before and after product use. We provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of improvement in wrinkle visibility using a standardized grading scale or scoring system.

We use advanced imaging technology, such as Blue laser skin profilometry, to capture detailed images of the skin's surface. We quantify the anti-wrinkle effect of anti-wrinkle cosmetics through 2D measurements of wrinkles (Ra, Rz, LR, SPa, SPt, SPTm) and 3D measurements (volume, mean and maximum depth of wrinkles) as well as quantitative morphological assessment.

Color scanning electron micrograph of squamous epithelial cells on the skin surface.

We measure the skin's elasticity and firmness by using specialized instruments such as a skin tester or stretch testing machine. These measurements help evaluate a product's effectiveness in improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

Our lab is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, including a corneometer to measure skin hydration levels. By evaluating changes in hydration before and after product use, we can determine the impact on wrinkle reduction and overall skin improvement.

We provide participants with a detailed questionnaire to rate their perception of wrinkle reduction and skin improvement after using your anti-wrinkle product. These subjective evaluations provide valuable insights into user satisfaction and perception.

Contact us today to discuss your testing needs and find out how our services can help evaluate the anti-wrinkle efficacy of your cosmetics. We will respond within 2-4 working days.


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