Suppository Base


Suppository Base is a solid or semi-solid material used as the matrix or carrier for active pharmaceutical ingredients in suppositories. It provides a stable and biocompatible platform for the incorporation and controlled release of APIs upon rectal administration. Suppository Bases are designed to melt or dissolve at body temperature, facilitating the release and absorption of the drug.

Subtypes of Suppository Base

Fatty Suppository Base

Fatty Suppository Bases are composed of a combination of lipophilic substances, such as cocoa butter, hydrogenated vegetable oils, or glycerides. These bases offer advantages such as good drug solubility, ease of molding, and prolonged drug release. Fatty Suppository Bases are commonly used for lipophilic APIs and in formulations requiring sustained release or enhanced rectal absorption.

Water-Soluble Suppository Base

Water-Soluble Suppository Bases are composed of hydrophilic substances, such as polyethylene glycols (PEGs) or glycerin. These bases offer advantages such as easy dissolution, rapid drug release, and compatibility with hydrophilic APIs. Water-Soluble Suppository Bases are commonly used for hydrophilic APIs and in formulations requiring fast-acting or water-soluble suppositories.

Basic Requirements of Suppository Base

1. Suitable hardness at room temperature, no deformation and no breakage when stuffed into the cavity. Easily softened and melted at body temperature, able to mix with body fluids and dissolve in body fluids

2. With wetting or emulsifying ability, high water value

3. Not affect the molding of the suppository due to the softening of the crystal shape

4. The difference between the melting point and freezing point of the matrix should not be too large, the acid value of the greasy matrix is below 0.2, the saponification value should be between 200-245, and the iodine value is below 7.

5. It should be used in the preparation of suppositories by cold-pressing method or hot-melt method, and it is easy to be demolded. The matrix not only gives shape to the drug but also affects the action of the drug. Local action requires slow and long-lasting release, while systemic action requires rapid release after introduction into the lumen.


Suppository Base serves as a solid foundation for effective rectal drug delivery, providing stability, compatibility, and controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Partnering with Protheragen-ING, a reputable supplier, ensures the availability of high-quality excipients and supports the development of stable and efficacious pharmaceutical products. If you have any excipient requirements, please contact us by phone or email, and we will respond within 2-4 working days.

Cat Product Name Cas Details Chemical Structure
PIE-0104 Polyethylene glycol, PEG, 400 25322-68-2 View Details APIs
PIE-0105 Polyethylene glycol, PEG, 4000 25322-68-2 View Details APIs
PIE-0106 Polyethylene glycol, PEG, 6000 25322-68-3 View Details APIs


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