Protheragen-ING Announces Participation in the 2024 CPHI North America Conference

[Philadelphia, May 7-9, 2024] - Protheragen-ING, a pharmaceutical products supplier focused on innovative drug discovery and development, is pleased to announce its participation in the highly anticipated 2024 CPHI North America Conference. The event is scheduled to take place from May 7 to May 9, 2024, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in East Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our booth number is 651.

To make an appointment, please visit our appointment scheduling portal at [2024 CPHI North America Conference meeting with Protheragen-ING].

About CPHI

The CPHI North America Conference is known as the premier gathering of pharmaceutical industry professionals and companies. The conference brings together key stakeholders, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and industry experts, to discuss the latest trends, showcase innovation and foster collaboration.

CPHI stands for "Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients" and the conference provides a platform for the pharmaceutical industry to communicate, share knowledge and explore business opportunities.

Protheragen-ING and CPHI North America

Protheragen-ING's presence at the 2024 CPHI North America Conference signals our commitment to advancing drug development and strengthening partnerships within the pharmaceutical community.

Protheragen-ING invites all attendees to visit our stand in the exhibition area. Our booth number is 651. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with us, gain insight into their innovative approach, and explore potential collaborations.

To learn more about Protheragen-ING's participation at the 2024 CPHI North America Conference or to schedule a meeting with our team, please contact us via email.


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